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Where was it recorded?
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Download a digital copy
Who else worked on the project?


Are you a fan or supporter of Dinaka/Kiba music and dance? We still have 100 hard copy units of a rare studio recorded Dinaka/Kiba album in our accessories stock. Today we are going to share with you some information you may find interesting regarding the compact disc. We want all our customers to have the information so that they know the kind of product to expect after placing an order. This is in line with our commitment to add value to your shopping experience. 


Where was it recorded?

The album was recorded at 12 Douglas Rd, Highlands North, Johannesburg. Moloele Productions Studio 12. The studio is managed by David Moloele, one of South Africa's most talented sound engineers. Mr Moloele has a track record of producing albums for well known musicians such as Penny Penny, William Mthethwa and Soweto Youth Band, just to mention a few.

Get it from our store

The album is available for purchase on our online store. Place an order and we will deliver the hard copy of the compact disc to your door via courier.

Download a digital copy

The album is also available for download through Apple iTunes and Amazon. You can listen to samples of the tracks via streaming before making a decision to buy. Buy and download a single track or the whole album.

Who else worked on the project?

We worked with Arts Translated Multimedia. Arts Translated Multimedia is a media company established in 2008. This company is driven by service excellence and great results. Arts Translated Multimedia has tailor made packages for any form of work. We do business the way you want, taking into account various factors to make sure that the end results are impressive. We continuously advice our clients on ways to achieve excellent results with minimal efforts or expense. The establishment of this company was influenced by the in depth research, service experience acquired over some time in the music & entertainment, and print media industries. We have professionals in given fields, with good experience and business accreditations.


How much does it cost?

The album will cost you R160. We will ship the CD to your door within 7 working days.



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